Final project materials

I want to make a magic wand. Science + technology, when executed right, is indistinguishable from magic. This is what I hope to create. I think some pathway from accelerometer + microphone input, via wifi enabled microprocessor to a centralized database that runs machine learning scripts on the inputs could be used for a wide variety of automation projects. Think of the things that are super simple that need no more of an input than on or off, up or down, open or close, high or low, left or right, forward or back, on and on.

products required:

microphone + board design + circuits for op amp + noise balance

esp32 wroom + accelerometer example

accelerometer + datasheet

touch sensor + setup instructions

The idea is that the person can touch the sensor, say something, or move the wand to generate a response, these three actions and their infinite possibilities will give users endless control over their Iot systems, without the pain of squinting at a tiny screen for endless hours, or even at all.

This can be enough for me to set up now, for this class. Later perhaps this summer, Iā€™d like to set up the TensorFlow program to intake my training so I can assign my generated actions to programmatic actions. But that will take some time. For now, this hardware will eat up all my time, and likely then some.