Featured work:

The Yukon in the Fall Oils 22x22.jpg

Fall in the Yukon, Oils, 22x22" SOLD

Mt. Rainier Oils 16x20.jpg

Wildflowers and Mt. Rainer, Oils, 16x20" SOLD

river through the woods.jpg

River Through the Woods, Oils, 22x36"

This work is from Spring 2017.  I quit my job as Director of Video at Greater Good in order to give myself time to be artistic and mentally breath before starting life anew in New York City. The painting of Mt. Rainier and Fall in the Yukon are from photo journals I have that are some of the most beautiful documentations of the Northwest scenery I have ever held. I'm lucky to have those books. I am also lucky to have been able to go on a quick overnight snow camping backpacking trip in May 2017, which is where I took the photo for River Through the Woods. New work is coming, based on photos from a cross-country road trip this summer of 2017.  Invest now, get the early works.

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