• 1 Guinness World Record

  • 30+ paintings sold

  • 500+ videos produced

  • 200 MILLION+ minutes watched

  • 2+ BILLION video views


I am a candidate for a Master of Programming Science, at New York University - Tisch School of the Arts, Interactive Telecommunications Program, 2019. 

Previously, I was the Director of Video at Great Life Publishing. GLP is a collection of online lifestyle magazines that cater to food, craft, faith and nostalgic interests. One of which is 12 Tomatoes. From 2014-2017 I produced over 1000 short how-to videos in food and craft, hundreds of animated online advertisements, and several dozen story videos, including some short documentaries.  Collectively they generated over several hundred thousands in gross revenue.  Through clicks to our websites, product sales, and support of direct sales pitches, my team and I generated over $1,000,000 in revenue.

In 2013, I won a World Record for my work with Snow Day which gathered 5,820 people for a giant snowball fight.  As the lead designer I was responsible for all branding and marketing elements produced.

Between 2010-2014 I pursued independent film and design production through a few self-started companies. That experience laid the groundwork for all my growth in digital media.

Currently I am living in New York City. Big Apple baby.


#: 206.390.3298

E: samuelchasan@gmail.com


Sam Chasan is a professional in every sense of the word - there are no limits to his overcoming of design obstacles through superior creative imaginings. He has an uncanny ability to listen to what is required or aspired to and then does whatever is necessary to deliver the desired goods on time. He is a pleasant delight to work with and possesses that precious virtue so rarely seen in the world of customer service these days: dependability. I would recommend him anytime for projects large and small.
— Tom Wright | Producer & Director, Seattle & LA
In response to our creative marketing efforts which Sam did the creative for, www.snow.co received more than 45,000 unique visitors within a 30-day period. This website was 100% designed by Sam and didn’t exist 60 days prior. We also sold out the 6,000 person event almost a week in advance and most importantly everyone who attended reinforced our event’s attitude because it was communicated effectively on the website and in all the event’s promotional materials. It was inspiring to watch the event’s vision permeate throughout the community and I owe a lot of the event’s success to Sam.
— Neil Bergquist | Director, SURF Incubator
[Sam] was able to take a simple project and give it a voice, able to work through the set area both directly and from tangential positions, solving problems as necessary both by thought, by questioning and by exploration / chance... In conclusion, a good team player, creative and imaginative, well able to learn on his feet and to rise to challenge, very talented visually, sociable and good company.
— Mark Angus | Professional Artist, Germany